Herbal treatment for Myringitis


The disease called Myringitis is a bacterial infection of the ear drum and the virus which causes this infection is called Mycoplasma. Fluid tends to fill up in the ear drum and this infection is also known as bullous myringitis. Blisters tend to form in the ear drums and the usual treatment is by the intake of antibiotics; however, they are mot without side effects. An otoscopy is done to determine Bullous myringitis and it is usually linked with otitis media. However, there are certain harmless and side effect free herbal treatments for Bullous myringitis. Painkilling drugs are temporary treatment for the malady.

The grinded form of long pepper (Bi Bo) 4g, Angelica Root (Bai Zhi) 4g, Borneol (Bing Pian), 4g of Chinese wild ginger (Xi Xin), Sichuan Pepper (Chuan Jiao) 4g. The powdered form of all these herbs should be stirred with 40ml of 70% ethanol and left for 2 days. The filtered drops; about three should be put into the ears. This needs to done for three days as it is a three day course. Relief would come in three days. Many people have benefited with this treatment and if you happen to be suffering from this ailment; then you could try this herbal treatment as a sure shot cure for Myringitis.

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